Smoky aroma is always the flavor of happiness and the witness of a cheerful leisure time. Lighting up your outdoor gourmet triton classic gas/charcoal grills in the backyard, add some meats and then have a cup of champagne when the meats are cooked.

Doubtless, this art of smoking will surprise and comfort you both physically and mentally. So now, grab a wood chip and follow the following instruction to fire up the smoker on your outdoor gourmet triton charcoal grill!

1. Establish the most essential criterion of successful BBQ time

To ensure that your outdoor gourmet triton classic gas/charcoal will stably stand at 225 ° F, all you need to do is to monitor the temperature. And nd should not entirely trust the built-in smoker’s thermometers.

These thermometers cannot show you the accurate temperature of the food even though it can, to some extend; it can show you the temperature at the top of grill.

Digital gas, which functions as an “oven” thermometer, accurately monitors temperature fluctuations in the form of burnt coal, adjusted airflow and fuel is added.

2. Turn the gas/charcoal on

When your meat is ready to cook (pro tip: Cold meat will absorb smoke better than meat at room temperature), it’s time to light your gourmet triton grill.

Firstly, you should begin to burn a pile of charcoal or light up the gas in a boot chimney, holding until the ash is lighted up (perhaps around 15 minutes needed). It is prefered to use wood as a complement to coal, using them to add flavor rather than being a primary fuel source.

Wood fires are too difficult to manage in [smokers] and meat can be ruined easily with too much smoke, creosote, soot or ash.

3. Open the baffles, then add gas/Lit charcoal

Smokers need oxygen to generate heat, so it’s critical to control and monitor the oxygen amount going through the vent if you want the grill’s temperature under control.

Most smokers have both “smoking partitions” (located near the fire box) and “chimney partitions” (located in the area you guessed it was the chimney). Place both partitions so they open completely before adding fuel. When smoker’s temperature is high enough, you will adjust the baffle.

Input charcoal or gas into the fire box and keep the light increasing until your desired temperature (almost slow smoked dishes requires temperature from 225 ° F to 250 ° F) before you add the meat. Note: You should ensure that the vents and fire box doors close tightly because temperature fluctuations can happen if they are opened.

4. Keep temperature stable

Now you can have inlet baffle control the heat. One function of baffle is that it is capable of controlling the oxygen flow to the coal or gas which especially is an advantageous point to the cooker.

If you can control smoke and heat, you can decide the success of your dish to one certain extent. Chimney can be fully or partly opened or closed as your wish. In other words, grill’s temperature can be kept within your desired range by adjusting the vents.

5. Add the flavor

Adding flavor means adding wood chunks or adding moisture to the smoke to create a long-lasting smoky flavor to your barbecue. The wood types to be used are hardwood, nut-wood or fruitwood, and keep in mind that wood chunks must be soaked before added to the coals.

Or a bowl of water mixed with your favorite herbs or flavors can be located straightly under the meat on the gourmet triton classic gas/charcoal grill.

6. Wait and check the food status frequently

Check the food every one hour. Normally, a thermometer will be used to check not only the softness of the food but also the internal temperature of the food. At the same time, you can pour more water to the flavor bowl if needed or supplement gas or charcoal if it is running out.

Some useful tips when using smoker on an outdoor gourmet triton classic gas/charcoal grill and smoker?

The more careful preparation is, the more successful your food can be.

  • Preheat your gourmet triton classic gas/charcoal before cooking.
  • Then adjust the temperature to your desired temperature for cooking.

Choose the best fuel type for perfect results

  • Always use brand-new pieces of charcoal when making fire. Used charcoal will burn too quickly, which will affect the cooking temperature.
  • Use the right kind of wood – you can ask the butcher or meat seller for their advice to use, for sure, they understand more cooking method.
  • Enhance your dish’s aroma with flavored woods. You can find them in different flavors, for example; cherry, cat apple, maple, oak among others. You can turn your food into personally-outstanding dish by adding your favorite flavor.

Little tips on managing temperatures

– Cooking temperature must be increased step by step, from low to high.
– Prepare one water bottle and put it near your charcoal/gas grill to prevent fire incident.

Get the best food

  • Leaving all the fat on meat when grilling, they will melt and drip into the fire will create best smoke to enhance the flavor of the meat.
  • When skewers the meat, allow the grilling griddle to a full side, then flip the meat and repeat. This will create a beautiful appearance on the meat.

Save nets and grills from rust

  • As long as you want to retain some flavor in the smoker, the debris and grease may gather at the bottom.
  • Clean it after use immediately to avoid rust damage. Pour oil into the lower and outer parts of the grill with vegetable oil after cleaning to prevent rust.

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