For anyone who loves potato chip slicers, you might think about making it at home. However, the messy, wasting time, and unevenly potato slicer restrains your intention. Thanks to the advent of potato chip slicer, all your trouble is no longer a problem. What’s more, making precise potato slices becomes an enjoyable experience in your kitchen.

Despite that, when it comes to buying a potato chip slicer, several things pop up in your mind to evaluate. For this reason, I suggest choosing 10 best potato chip slicers to narrow down your active search.

Best Potato Chip Slicers 2022

For more details about the top 10 best potato chip slicers, let’s read my review carefully to make a smart decision!

1. Mueller Austria MU-MANDO Potato Chip Slicer

There is no doubt that the Mueller Potato Chip Slicer is one of the best options for the potato chips lover due to its high-quality performance and versatile benefits.

This potato chip slicer is outstanding others thank its long-lasting endurance and ultra-sharp stainless steel blade. For this reason, the best potato slicer can be made without trouble. Furthermore, the body is constructed in durable ABS Plastic, ensured to avoid contaminated harmful substances. Hence, it is straightforward to use and clean with a high safety standard.

Besides, this gadget is favored with the multiple adjustable blades. Apart from slicing the potato precisely, you can take advantage of the other blade to optimize your cooking preparation, namely, cutter, shredder, wavy blade, and grater. Furthermore, the thickness of blades can handily vary as you prefer with hassle-free.


  • High-grade and adjustable blades
  • Durable and safe materials
  • Sturdy structure


  • Slightly pricey

2. Progressive International HG-52 Potato Chip Slicer

Supposed that you are looking for a valuable potato chip slicer with your affordable budget, The Progressive International slicer might be your ideal choice.

This potato slicer is not only value for your money but comes with great functional benefits. Since the hard stainless steel blades are designed in angled shape, allowing slicing potato efficiently. As a bonus, it provides the adjustable button to vary the thickness following your demands easily.

On the other hand, this mandolin slicer is highly stable to slicing with no further effort because of its non-slip base and soft handle. Hence the slicer is suitable for any cutting surfaces or over the container like a bowl. Plus, cleaning and storage this utensil is no longer trouble since it is compatible with the dishwasher aside hand wash.


  • Affordable price
  • Simple to operate and clean
  • The efficient and sharp blade


  • There is only one type of blade

3. Fullstar Potato Chip Slicer

Unlike other handheld mandolin slicers, the Fullstar Potato Chip Slicer promises to give you the best cooking experience at home with mess-free.

First and foremost, it is equipped with extensive capacity until 250ml food containers. Hence you no longer face the messy food around after slicing the potato. Moreover, the large capacity and anti-skid base allow you to slice a large number of potatoes perfectly.

Additionally, the highlight point about this gadget is excellent functionality. For instance, it has until 11 blades with an organized structure to slicing without trouble or stuck food inside. Besides, the versatile blades enable you not only to slicing potatoes perfectly but also other types of vegetables.


  • Ample container
  • Great and versatile functionality
  • 11 razor-sharp and organized blades


  • Pricey

4. Briefton 754169671075 Potato Chip Slicer

It’s no brain to pick the Breifton Potato Chip Slicer if you search for a versatile blades slicer.

It has until ten blades with a different shape for you to create the potato chips as you want.
The outstanding point here is all the blades made from high endured Japanese stainless steel, and so they are always ensured razor-sharp. Except for blades, the entire body is constructed in food-safe and durable plastic to stand stably while slicing.

As a bonus, the innovative design comprises a container and soft-grip handle allow you to slice the uniform potatoes more effectively than ever before. Further, ten blades have a chic design to store and clean without the mess and extra effort.


  • Multiple and sharp blades
  • Time-saving
  • Reasonable price


  • The suction doesn’t work

5. KitchenAid KSMVSA Potato Chip Slicer

If the other potato slicer still needs more your effort to push for slicing, then the KitchenAid KSMVSA Potato Chip Slicer is the optimal solution for this trouble.

From your first stand mixer, it is transformed with the slicer attachment, which eases your time and effort on making potato chip slices. It also provides different sizes of the blade from 3mm to 6mm for you to quickly choose the thickness of slices as you prefer. Besides, the slicer parts are simple to clean with the dishwasher.


  • Slicing with effort-free to push
  • It’s straightforward to use and clean
  • Prevent hiring fingers


  • Highly costly

6. NEWTRY Potato Chip Slicer

The NEWTRY Potato Chip Slicer is another excellent option that you should take a flash, especially in terms of slicing large quantities of potatoes at the same time.

There is no denying the long-lasting endurance and strong structure of this utensil since the whole body is made from stainless steel. The blade is also designed in alloy steel to ensure it is sharp enough for slicing smoothly. Consequently, the NEWTRY gadget is impressive by the outstanding potato slicing performance, no matter the number of foods.

The high-quality materials have an ergonomic design, including adjustable slice thickness and ample capacity feeding food. Hence, you can cut large potatoes in no time with the varied thickness as you demand without further effort. Besides, the detachable stainless steel parts of the slicer are suitable for cleaning though washing under tap water.


  • It’s built to last
  • Solid construction
  • Sharp blade


  • Highly costly

7. RioRand RR-MS-ST-PS Potato Chip Slicer

For the tornado-shaped potato chip lovers, hence you can make it at home on your own with the RioRand Potato Slicer. Exceeding other potato slicers, it is straightforward to use with the smart design. You are provided the razor-sharp blade, and the ingredients fixed device, allowing you to make twisted potato easier than you think.

On the other hand, you can easily control the speed and adjust the thickness of potato slicer according to your need. What’s more, the slip-resistant rubber feet contribute to slicing neatly and precisely. Besides, the removable and stainless steel parts of the slicer will simplify your cleaning and storage also.


  • Cleaning with hassle-free
  • Affordable price
  • Lifetime durability


  • It is suitable for the dishwasher

8. Gramercy Kitchen Company Potato Chip Slicer

If you are looking for a potato slicer with smart adjustable thickness, choosing the Gramercy Kitchen Company Potato Chip Slicer will be completely no-brainer.

The distinctive feature about it is the adjustable dial to vary the thickness from 0-9mm, plus two julienne settings. All these options are especially attached in the device, avoiding a bunch of messy blades like other potato slicers. Bonus, the level of thickness is visualized on the button, which helps you easily control according to your preference.

Given the safety and stability, you are ensured to experience with this gadget. Since it delivers all features to ease your worry about hurting your fingers such as a blade guard, cut-resistant food holder, and also glovers. Of course, the sharpness of the blade is no doubt to slicing the raw potatoes.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Cut resistance
  • Slicing versatile shapes


  • Slightly expensive

9. DASH DSM100GBAQ04 Potato Chip Slicer

The potato chip slicer from the Dash is worthy in your top list as the best manual gadget.

It is undeniable that using this utensil transforms your slicing into an easy task due to its ergonomic design. The slicer is constructed with the gravity fed and push space, so just a simple push can make perfect potato slicer at home. Notably, this design offers to prevent your hands from blades, ensure your high safety during use.

One of the highlight benefits of the DASH potato slicer is the all-round functions. Not only is it suitable for a wide range of fruits or vegetables, but it also creates versatile shapes of cutting. Despite that, it is simple to store compactly in the drawer without extra effort.


  • Multiple cuts
  • Food-grade plastic material
  • Fold-down for convenient storage


  • Pricey

10. Fullstar Mandoline Slicer Potato Chip Slicer

Safety in using slicer is always a vital factor to choose a slicer; that’s why I recommend using the Fullstar Potato Chip Slicer due to its high standard of safety. First and foremost, it provides the finger-guard and anti-cut gloves to restrain your hands from the premium and ultra-sharp blades.

Besides, all the body materials are built from ABS plastic, which reaches the food-grade safety standard for your health. Plus, exceeding other mandolin slicers, the kitchen tool includes the glass container to avoid contaminating harmful substances like toxic plastic. Consequently, high-quality materials somehow make your cleaning effortless.


  • Ensure high safety in using
  • Cleaning effortless
  • Affordable price


  • Taking up ample space

How To Choose The Best Potato Chip Slicers

Among wide ranges of potato chip slicer models on the market, somehow somewhat still makes you confused. Hence I list out some essential factors to select the best potato chip slicers. Expectedly, this part will give you more information to make a moral decision.

The Sharpness Of Blade

There is no doubt the sharp blade is the priority because the quality of performance is mostly dependent on the blade. For example, robust stainless steel and ultra-sharp blade let you slice potato perfectly and evenly without extra effort. Otherwise, it is messier than using the knife. I recommend choosing the blade made from high-grade stainless steel for the best slicing experience.


The high security of using the slicer is also the vital factor you should take care of.

According to the slicer structure, especially the high-quality one, it always provides the ultra-sharp blade. Hence, it is imperative to use the gadget that ensures your safety cut resistance while using and cleaning.

You should choose trusted and food-safe material such as high-grade stainless steel or ABS plastic in terms of safety. As a result, you can avoid facing contaminated harmful substances that are not suitable for your health.

Ease For Using And Cleaning

Choosing the potato slicer to easy your cooking preparation, and so it is nonsense if the slicer is not straightforward to use and gives you more trouble.

Owning a potato chip slicer with the simple design to use and clean effortlessly promises to change your cooking experience into an efficient and enjoyable way.

Therefore, you should carefully read the manual to figure out whether it fits your requirement or not, notably in aspects of cleaning with the dishwasher.


The endurance is also a necessary thing to pick the best potato chip slicer. No one would choose the device with long-term usage. Hence, long-lasting and hardy endurance not only contributes to making your slicing preparation more effective but also saves your time and money. You don’t need to use any other kitchen assistance such as the knife anymore with the durable slicer.


The decision to buy an excellent potato chip slicer is partially up to a reliable brand’s perception. Confirming that the reputable brand in manufacturing high-quality kitchen utensils like potato chips slicer will ease your worry of purchase, especially buying online.

According to that, owning a gadget from a trusted brand, you are assured both high-grade materials and excellent service included a warranty or refund if having a flawed design.


The Mueller Austria Store MU-MANDO Potato Chip Slicer is the device that I would love owning in my kitchen. I was impressed by its simple design but high-quality functionality. It delivers a premium and versatile blade to make perfect and uniform potato slices as I prefer. Importantly, the muscular endurance for maintenance and easy-to-use would ease my effort on cooking preparation.

And so which is your best potato slicer pick? Let me know if you find your favored gadget from my review!

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