Countertop water filters make use of a wide range of methods for filtering to give a freshwater output in your glass. These methods of filtration eliminate various contaminants present within drinking water by various processes. These water filters are available in various styles and price ranges.

Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Counter Top Water Filtration System, White

Let’s look at basic criteria when selecting the best countertop water filter:

Analyze the water quality

Before purchasing a countertop water filter that fits best to your requirement, one needs to analyze the water quality of your home or any input water quality. If the odor and taste are strong, then chlorine might be present.

If the water is earthy, then algae might be present. Variable processes of filtration provide variable results and remove different amounts of contaminants. Not all issues are solved with this filter. Analyze your water quality with a test kit for home water. This will tell what contaminants are within the drinking water based on which you can proceed.

Product design examination

These filters are on display and so choose unconstructive, sleek, and blending countertop water filters.

Focus on the intended application

The countertop filter’s intent of purchase shall determine the filter style.

Sink top- This is the common type, which is like a faucet style countertop filter as it integrates into the faucet and directs the input water to filter and output to the filter tap.

Gravity-fed-These filters are transportable, compact, and simple to operate. These filters have 2 chambers with upper one feeding as input for unfiltered water that directs to the filtering media and output to a lower chamber with filtered water. A spout is connected to drink the filtered water.

Water distillers-These filters provide purity of the highest degree amongst all the countertop filters. These are a little pricey over others. These filters boil water to vapor and then collect by condensing after cooling. When turning into a liquid state, the water condensed is minerals, microorganisms, heavy metals, and chemical-free. Other than drinking, distilled water is applicable for humidifiers, medical applications, and aquariums.

Filter maintenance has to be considered

Various filters need different maintenance. Daily cleaning is needed for ceramic filters for them to remain bacteriostatic. Input water quality and the amount of debris and dirt in water determine the longevity of the filter. Maintenance frequency and affordability also have to be considered.


Keep the budget in mind, which includes the cost of purchase and how often the filter has to be replaced.

To get a hands-on best countertop water filter, one has to be kept above criteria in mind to get good output and efficiency out of it.

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