It’s smart to own a razor-sharp knife if you don’t want to struggle when cutting through thin or thick pieces of meat with ease. Also, you don’t want to ruin your meal with uneven, awkward-looking cuts. Plus, blunt edges make you appear confused and unprofessional to onlookers.

Hence, you want to splurge on the best BBQ knife set to make both indoor and outdoor cooking a delightful experience. However, there’s almost an endless option, which makes choosing the right knife set to add to your arsenal a tad overwhelming.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best barbecue knife sets to help take your culinary skill to the next level.

What is a BBQ knife set

So you are planning to buy a BBQ knife set for your barbeque party. When it comes to the question of what is a barbecue knife, many would think it’s just another kitchen knife.

But wait! It is not so simple as that.

There are different kinds of knives required for various purposes at the time of barbeque or grill cooking. You need proper knives or tools in order to cook efficiently and firmly on the grill plate without having too much hassle.

Best BBQ Knife Set 2021

1. DALSTRONG Knife Set Block

DALSTRONG Knife Set Block – 8 Piece – Gladiator Series – German HC Steel – Premium Food-Grade ABS Polymer Handles – NSF Certified

If you need a complete set of essential knives for peeling fruits, carving meats, and slicing veggies, you can’t go wrong with the DALSTRONG Knife Set Block. This set includes a chef’s knife, carving knife, bread knife, Nakiri Knife, peeling knife, fillet knife, and a wooden block.

Also, this collection includes a honing tool to keep these blades sharp. The DALSTRONG Knife Set is a perfect choice for a seasoned chef, butcher, or home cook. Each piece is crafted with German blade steel, offering stain resistance.

More so, they feature triple-riveted, comfy ABS polymer handles to guarantee secure and safe handling and maneuver. Best of all, these knives are polished and laminated to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen. You don’t have to take our word for it. It comes with the NSF certification.


  • Comes with a woodblock
  • High Carbon German Steel Construction
  • Visually appealing design
  • NSF-certified


  • These handles are not perfect with wet hands

2. WÜSTHOF Gourmet Twelve Piece Block Set

Wusthof Gourmet 12-Piece Knife Set with Block # 9312-1

Here’s another set of 12 knives with a high carbon stainless steel blade to deliver a razor-sharp cut. This competition bbq knife set comes with handles made of synthetic polypropylene handles and triple riveted for a more secure grip and handling. These handles are resistant to heat, discoloration, fading, and impact.

Each piece is precisely cut using laser technology to guarantee these cutleries are sharp and easy to maintain. Speaking of maintenance, it is best to hand wash for durability’s sake.

This set includes a 9-inch steel kitchen shears, 8-inch bread knife, 8-inch cook’s knife, 4 ½ -inch steak knives, 2 ½-inch paring knife, 3-inch spear point paring knife, and 4 ½-inch utility knife, and a block.

Even better, this product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty to assure buyers of high-quality blades, durability, and razor-sharp cutting performance.


  • One-piece construction
  • Perfectly balanced for seamless cutting experience
  • High-carbon stainless steel
  • High-quality POM handle for comfortable handling


Misleading product information

3. OOU Kitchen Knife Set with Block

OOU Kitchen Knife Set with Block, 15 German High Carbon Stainless Steel Professional Chef Knives, Sharp and Japanese Full Tang Forged, Acrylic Stand and Knife Sharpener, BEST Black NO STAIN Cutlery

Earning a spot on our list is the OOU Kitchen Knife Set with Block with its high carbon stainless steel construction. This best BBQ knife set is sturdy enough to endure the rigors of daily use for many years in a busy kitchen.

Each knife goes through four different sharpening processes to guarantee they are ultra-sharp with a 16-degree cutting edge. With less than 16-degree bevel cut, the best knife set delivers effortless cutting performance and better edge retention.

This product is a set of 15 pieces, including a utility knife, bread knife, slicing knife, steak knives, paring knife, and a chef knife to allow you to perform any culinary task easily. Also, it comes with a transparent acrylic knife block to display your collection of essential BBQ knives beautifully. Plus, it is scratch and impact-resistant.

On top of that, you get a lifetime warranty to protect buyers and ensure they are satisfied with their purchase. Also, the manufacturer included a bonus knife sharpener to get the blades extremely sharp without wasting time.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Chip-resistant, anti-rust, durable knife set
  • 16 degrees bevel cut
  • Visually appealing design
  • Ultra-sharp cutting performance


  • The handle could be better

4. Shun Classic Blonde 5 Piece Starter Knife Block Set

Shun Classic Blonde 5 Piece Starter Knife Block Set; Chef’s, Utility, and Paring Knives with Honing Steel and Block; PakkaWood Handles, VG-MAX Blades , Large

Need the best knife set for smoking meat? The Shun Classic Blonde 5 Piece Starter Knife Block Set won’t disappoint. It comes with three essential knives – a 6-inch utility knife, 3.5-inch paring knife, and 8-inch chef’s knife. Also, you get a convenient block to hold the knives and honing steel to keep the blade super sharp.

What’s more? Each cutlery features a full tang construction and blonde Pakkawood handle to make it convenient to use and a treat to the eye. They are perfectly balanced and suitable for both left and right-handed users while minimizing hand fatigue.

This cutlery features the traditional western style with the Japanese steel for a thin, solid, and ultra-sharp blade. Also, they are honed and ground to a 16-degree razor-sharp edge.


  • Razor-sharp Japanese steel
  • full composite tang blade construction
  • 16-degree edge for superior sharpness
  • Suitable for both right- and left-handed users


  • The honing tool is questionable

5. Mercer Culinary M21820 Millennia 8-Piece Knife Roll Set

Mercer Culinary M21820 Millennia 8-Piece Knife Roll Set, Black

The Mercer Culinary M21820 is an 8-piece professional BBQ knife set. This collection includes Chef Knife, Santoku Knife, Boning Knife, Paring Knife, Bread Knife, Slicing Knife, 8 Pocket Bag, and Honing Steel. Each piece features an ergonomic handle which is a unique blend of comfy Santoprene and durable polypropylene.

Hence, it offers an anti-slip grip and handling experience for a much safer cutting process. Talking about safety, these knives are equipped with a protective finger guard.

Here’s more: they are crafted with high-quality Japanese steel for a razor-sharp edge, easy sharpening, and no-fuss maintenance. Thanks to its one-piece construction, the Mercer Culinary M21820 Millennia 8-Piece Knife Roll Set is solid and durable.

No wonder the manufacturer stands by this set with a limited lifetime warranty and NSF certification.


  • Easy to maintain and sharpening
  • Designed with high performance and safety in mind
  • One-piece design
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The carrying blade is poorly design

6. Ross Henery Professional Knives

Ross Henery Professional Knives, Eclipse Premium stainless Steel 9 piece chefs / Kitchen knife set in carry case

The Ross Henery Professional Knives is your best bet for the best barbecue knife set. This collection includes a 13-inch bread knife, 14-inch chef knife, 12-inch sharpening rod, carving fork, meat cleaver, 12-inch boning knife, 14-inch carving knife, and a heavy-duty zipper case to hold these essentials.

Furthermore, each piece is hand-sharpened and triple hardened to ensure these cutleries can hold their edge better. These essential accessories are built with high carbon stainless steel making them less susceptible to corrosion and rusting. Also, it ensures the blade retains its edge for a longer period.

More so, the handles are precision-balanced with ergonomic handles for a comfortable handling experience. They feature a full-tang design for utmost control for carving, filleting, and chopping. Also, it’s perfect for dicing and slicing on the go – thanks to its protective sheaths to safeguard each piece and protect the collection with the zippered nylon carry case.


  • Comfortable ergonomic handles
  • High carbon steel construction
  • Precision balanced for better control
  • Wipe Clean Zip-up carry case


  • Build quality has deteriorated

7. McCook MC29 Knife Sets

McCook MC29 Knife Sets,15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Block Sets with Built-in Sharpener

The McCook MC29 Knife Sets is one of our favorites for its rust-resistant and tarnish-resistant build. This cutlery set is made of high carbon stainless steel for incredible cutting performance and better edge retention.

In addition, the knives go through exclusive taper grind edge technology for razor-sharp edges and easy maintenance. The handle features an ergonomic design for comfortable and confident handling.

This set comes with a hardwood knife block integrated with a sharpening system to sharpen each cutlery as you remove and replace them. It’s a more convenient way of maintaining these knives’ blades. This block also provides an efficient way of storing the 8-inch slicing knife, 4.5-inch steak knife, 2 pairs of kitchen shears, 5-inch utility knife, 5.5-inch serrated utility knife, 3.5-inch paring knife, 5-inch santoku knife, an 8-inch chef knife.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Knife block with in-slot sharpeners for optimum sharpness
  • Available in 15 or 20 pieces
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Poor quality control

How to choose the BBQ knife set

However, they can usually be bent or broken if they are given too much pressure during use. Therefore, the best knives are the ones made of high carbon steel blades that are resistant enough to keep their shape even with heavy use but soft enough so you don’t scratch your pots and pans when they come in contact with it.

You might be able to sharpen them yourself or have someone do it for you at a local sharpening shop (for an additional fee) without impairing its performance or integrity.

Knife Material

Blade material is important for the quality of the sliced ​​food, because stainless steel does not corrode, for example.

Knife blade length

If the knife has a long blade, you can slice more food at once and therefore spend less time slicing . However, too much weight may make it difficult for you to control your knife safely and that’s why the best BBQ knives have shorter blades (5 inches or less) that still do an excellent job of cutting through meats and veggies but aren’t as heavy .

Knife Balance

It’s great if the knife has a good balance because it will be easier to control. The best BBQ knives have their weight concentrated in the head of the blade so that you can easily add pressure when necessary without having to worry about taking a finger off .

Handle Material

When choosing a BBQ knife set, handle material is also important because food will stick to plastic and rubber handles while wood handles need to be wiped after every use. But make sure you choose a model with a handle that provides excellent grip and comfort , even when your hands are wet or greasy from cooking .


It’s great if your BBQ knives come with an already sharpened blade but there may be some instances where you need to sharpen it yourself . In these cases, make sure you choose a model with a sharp edge that’s not too difficult to maintain and reshape when necessary .


In case of cutting meats or veggies, weight is important because it will be easier for you to manage the knife if the blade is properly weighted.


It’s always better if you choose a product with a good warranty because there might be some damages on the blades during daily use no matter how safe your BBQ knives are made out to be . If this happens, just let them know about it and they should send you new parts or maybe even another unit for free .

Price range

You can find a set of BBQ knives in any price range, from cheap models that are great for people who just want to try using them once or twice to high-end sets that offer larger selections and more customization options .


In case of choosing the best BBQ knife set brands, you have to check out their websites and read what customers have to say about their products before making a final decision .


You can choose between different types based on the number, weight and material of your blades. So if you want a full set with 5 or more pieces , make sure they all come with stainless steel blades but if you only require one blade then it will be better for can find BBQ knives for as low as $50-100$ but they are usually made of cheap materials.


When it comes to purchasing a best bbq knife set, there are many options. We’ve taken the time to do research and put together this list of what we believe are some of the best choices on the market today.

Whether you want something that will last for years or just need one for an occasional bbq party, these products should cover all your needs!

Have you found any other great sets? Let us know in the comments below so others can find more options too!

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